> Cruising spot in Solaize proposed by Exhibicouple  (03/06/2018)

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Type : Nature Mixte
City :  Solaize
area :  Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Country :  France

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Three separate locations on this island (A7 exit Vernaison / Solaize, follow the direction of Vernaison and cross the first bridge): 1. Just after the bridge turn right on the road and park towards the barrier (no parking Caution and verbalized ). Some small roads. 2. Just before the second bridge, turn left and go around the stadium to park in the parking lot). A walk on the nature trail to pass the 2 observatories. On the banks of the Rhone, a few corners for sunbathing. 3. Park at the same parking lot but switch between the stadium and the river below the road, little way up the Rhone with some nice corners and even the possibility of finding the place # 1 following a path that cuts through the woods.
Address : 1806-1918 Rue du Rhône
69360 Solaize
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1806-1918 Rue du Rhône, 69360 Solaize, France
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24 d. ago
Anyone interested Thursday ap?

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