> Cruising spot in Chantonnay proposed by sonia_85120  (03/06/2018)

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City :  Chantonnay
area :  Pays de la Loire
Country :  France

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On the axis Sainte-Hermine / Chantonnay Provincial Road 137, just before Chantonnay, in front of the quarry.
Address : Boulevard de Saint-Georges
85110 Chantonnay
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D137, 85110 Chantonnay, France
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4 d. ago
Hi Who Monday morning around 4:00 or Friday around 18:30 / 7:00 p.m. to get sucked and fuck me like a bitch

22 d. ago
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24 d. ago
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25 d. ago
The world around? mp sex envy me

27 d. ago
S there is known world come I can be there around 22:30 PM Leave message BISES

28 d. ago
Sorry I'm not ny tonight because no MP SINCE my message so no one on site to the next Bye

28 d. ago
Sonia_85120 you will labas for what time ???

28 d. ago
I am available tonight

28 d. ago
Warning My presence tonight depend on how many Private message wanting to meet me and have come RDV

28 d. ago
ditto for tonight ... Who this evening or tonight between 22h and 1:30 in the morning to get sucked or to fuck me like a dog Leave message MP for appointment: if I can not be on site

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