> Cruising spot in Neyron proposed by gaypourmecs  (01/06/2018)

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Type : Parc Gay
City :  Neyron
area :  Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Country :  France

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The dredger takes place in parking lots and in the bushes nearby, there are three car parks: the second works best between 12 am and 14 pm, quiet afternoon and some people from 17 hours to 19h.
Address : Chemin du Grand Brotteau
01700 Neyron
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Chemin du Grand Brotteau, 01700 Neyron, France
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7 d. ago
I'll be there Monday afternoon and end after noon

16 d. ago
Hello all, I will not speak of passive or active, but what I like or do not like. I like to perform oral sex and my fantasy will be able to push to the end to feel the pleasures of oral ejaculation. it's almost frustrating to retire at spasms of ejaculation. I can also accept my raise with gentleness and condoms. I kiss . I can even if you wish to content myself the pleasures of oral sex without expecting anything in retuurn. I've long done with a heterosexual friend who loved it when I took care of him and trust allowed me to go after fellatio, I like to be a regular for his refreshed. soon you read Arthur jy'd tonight around 18 hours

17 d. ago
Good evening I pass tomorrow morning to 6:30 that to suck me?

17 d. ago
This apm I was Miribel to 15 h 30 16h leave me a message on my mail ldd. To be on site.

19 d. ago
Tuesday, Jan. 29 if appointment on my mail cruising areas. I can be there from 15:30. Seeking plan.

20 d. ago
Sorry the site blocking me until midnight tonight so I can not reply to your messages

20 d. ago
If any of this free apm leave me a message on my profile.

25 d. ago
I'll make passages over there next week from Tuesday to Thursday in the middle and end of ap assets if interested leave me a message

09/01/2019 at 20h09
Tomorrow afternoon to kiss my bottom?

06/01/2019 at 15h49
On the park this afternoon until 17h approximately poiurbelle be available a nice cock ... Contact PV Message

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