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Type : Sauna Gay
area :  Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Country :  France

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Gay Sauna whose entrance is located at 2 Rue Cousteau although the official address of the site is at 20 rue des Capuchins 69001 Lyon, in fact the property angle. Friday evening from 21 hours to 3 am, it's mixed evening, bisexual and transvestites. That's why I go there often. I can change myself and my makeup on site before moving to my own way, throughout the property, like everyone course world ... and it's free for women and transvestites. Every third Saturday of the month is held a BDSM party. Do not go being, I can not tell you more. The hotel re-opened in early October due to renovations, c ' Personally, I find the nice atmosphere and I never returned empty-handed ... I have always been respected as I am, without mockery or abuse, that too is a plus for me. This description is only my opinion and you are free to believe in what you like ...

Website :
Address : 2 Rue Coustou
69001 Lyon-1ER-Arrondissement
Phone : 04-69-60-39-14
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2 Rue Coustou, 69001 Lyon-1ER-Arrondissement, France
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27 d. ago
I'll be there tonight in black lace

28 d. ago
bjr I would be tonight transvestite al oasis gentlemen have your dick come numerous'm hot

28 d. ago

23/07/2019 in 06h29
hello I would be this afternoon al oasis al afternoon transvestite 7 trav girlfriend should come join me gentlemen fill

21/07/2019 in 13h11
I'll be there this am, to refresh me in the hot tub before going into the cabin wearing light clothing.

15/07/2019 in 18h25
Cuckoo loulous al oasis tomorrow afternoon there'll transvestites Also Nathalie bang gang So gentlemen appointment of 12 al oasis after a torrid afternoon and sensual

15/07/2019 in 10h16
I will be waiting at the oasis Tuesday am looking guy or guys groups for shared pleasures

11/07/2019 in 20h39
I would be in Oasis on 17 to 16 pm

10/07/2019 in 10h15
pretty trav on 16?

09/07/2019 in 07h44
I would go to The Oasis on Tuesday, July 16. ap passive I search plan with several guys (as possible) for the shared pleasure impeccable hygiene asked. If interested drop me a message over there I'd pm to 16 pm

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