This cruising spot has been rated  3.4 / 4   
Type : Nature Gay
area :  Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Country :  France

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Starting from Angouleme, take the direction of La Rochefoucauld, exit Braconne, Military Camp, then take the roundabout to the left, straight and right, continue 5 min and area of ​​Lignon.
Address : N141
16110 Saint-Projet-Saint-Constant
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N141, 16110 Saint-Projet-Saint-Constant, France
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24 d. ago
Hello can anyone tell me how its happening once there. I passed yesterday afternoon (Kangoo yellow) hoping for answers

30 d. ago
DC has all trav. I will pass on Monday. If interested send a Message or I pti not stop me.

05/07/2019 in 17h40
Who to plan ass ..... around 22:30 tonight without blah

04/07/2019 in 06h57
Passive Me I will be on holiday champniers July 21 to August 6, I would be very interested in real plan with young guy 18 years leave me message on the site through the ad

29/06/2019 in 11h07
Who tonight around 22:30 / 11:00 p.m. ...?. Message Mp

24/06/2019 in 08h36
Hello I passed Saturday night breezed because I do not have time I saw a beautiful trav 6 is on this site and that a meeting that interested contact me by MP

10/06/2019 in 14h31
I'm cool ... to plan. reasonable age ..;)

07/05/2019 in 18h20
I just had breezed to make sure the real existence of this corner, he's very well attended air, I could not stay (Madame was concerned), I plan to retuurn and I would stay longer

01/05/2019 in 15h04
Hello world this afternoon?

30/04/2019 in 12h55
Cc a trav trans or a woman to suck me tonight at 19 pm

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