> Cruising spot in Lamotte-Beuvron proposed by eric069  (06/03/2019)

  This cruising spot has been rated  2.2 / 4   
Type : Parking Hétéro
area :  Centre-Val de Loire
Country :  France

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Parking behind the stadium (north side) with direct access to the woods ...
Address :
41600 Lamotte-Beuvron
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62, Avenue d'Orléans, Le Petit Préval, Lamotte-Beuvron, Romorantin-Lanthenay, Loir-et-Cher, Centre-Val de Loire, France
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14/05/2018 at 19h51
Hello, does anyone know if the parking area in the woods next to the highway entrance is a cruising?

22/11/2017 at 14h54
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15/09/2017 at 19h26
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17/09/2016 at 11h11
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12/02/2016 at 06h31
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19/01/2016 at 08h08
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11/01/2016 at 06h55
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29/11/2015 at 21h30
Hi guys ca esque moves to center parcs ?????

30/10/2015 at 06h03
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28/10/2015 at 06h11
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