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Type : Sauna Mixte
City :  Orleans
area :  Centre
Country :  France

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Super sauna 450m2 with jacuzzi, hammam and sauna, friendly bar, gay schedule week in and mixed schedule on Friday from 12 am until 2:00 am, Saturday evening from 20:00. Towels, sarong and condoms provided by the institution.

Website : http://www.saunajaures.fr
Address : 17 Boulevard Jean Jaurès
45000 Orleans
Phone : 0238628371
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17 Boulevard Jean Jaur
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9 d. ago
Today I am entitled to virgin frightened ....

9 d. ago
Jc I go I'll be there around 14h

9 d. ago
The world this afternoon around 14h

11 d. ago
Fancy a relaxing time and sex tomorrow Tuesday evening ...

15 d. ago
Good evening that available tonight

17 d. ago
I'd go check it out at the end of APM. accompanying me. by mp

18 d. ago
If interested thank you to my MP ...

18 d. ago
I would be Tuesday afternoon from 14h to 17h for couples, f or bi or gay man to fellatio soda etc ... would be open to all amateur and amateur

18/06/2019 at 17h53
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16/06/2019 at 20h33
Tuesday we will go for hard and juicy equality for same

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