> Cruising spot in Saverdun proposed by greg09  (07/07/2013)

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Type : Aire de repos Gay
City :  Saverdun
area :  Midi-Pyrénées
Country :  France

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Rest area at the entrance to or exit Saverdun. Coming from Pamiers is at the entrance. It is a quiet area with guys who come to this sucking, small wood along the river for nice warm meetings there. Beware of any families that may be present. Thank you to respect the places and do not leave your Presos drag (A & T)
Address : 1363 Le Crieu
09700 Saverdun
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1363 Le Crieu, 09700 Saverdun, France
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16 d. ago
I'm 30 minutes in men avail the low ??

17 d. ago
Ji'm liabilities in the corner

18 d. ago
I am 27 years old discreet bi guy Looking Max 35 years sucking Someone in the day and at what hour?

19 d. ago
I am discreet bi guy 27 years. Tonight youth on the area? Come in pv if you're interested

24 d. ago
Hello ji'm a liability in the corner

26 d. ago
The world tonight? Yesterday it was empty!

27 d. ago
Hi I try to suck tonight. A Max guy 35 Come pv if interested

27 d. ago
MJUL you stay there until what time?

27 d. ago
I am the world? Want to suck.

27 d. ago
People tonight to suck it? Max 35 years. Come in private if you are interested

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