> Cruising spot in Triel-sur-Seine proposed by hommedu78  (07/08/2019)

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  This cruising spot has been rated  3.4 / 4   
Type : Soirées privées Mixte
area :  Île-de-France
Country :  France

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The private parties are organized Rainbow L1901 in free association with non-drank. Ile de France Triel-Sur-Seine 78510.

Website : http://www.saloon-libertin.fr
Address :
78510 Triel-sur-Seine
Phone :
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2, Rue Pasteur, L'Hautil, Triel-sur-Seine, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Yvelines, Île-de-France, France métropolitaine, 78510,
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18 d. ago
REMINDER: INVITATIONS: Next weekend in Triel sur Seine 78510 is from 5 to 8 December - Thursday, 5 to 22h at dawn sex party TOTALLY FREE transvestites and men active Friday 6 and Saturday 7 20h at dawn house reserved for private friend circle (s) (transvestites and men active participation fee (hearty meal and drinks free permanent service) - Sunday 8 from 16h to 21h Q hard exclusive plan with Malvina and another for active men fucking duo or more by reservation for evening including free, bed and breakfast offered, hygiene accessories available (condoms, gels, wipes) and large bathroom, free parking and 2 minutes to park 35 minutes from Paris by A13 t hesitate to come C 'is a volunteer team since 2006 to implement the libertines Recreation T-Girls and men who appreciate more the company for REGISTRATION AND MAINTENANCE AS PRIOR >>>> available from Monday to Thursday from 20:30 to 23:30 mail presentation claudi51tv @ gmail.com

18 d. ago
Plaisir20 it may come as some who have been fired, there have you thought? I think I see nothing else and not like you ready to pounce on the slightest gossip.

18 d. ago
Denigrates anything I said the fires of people who have been to your evenings now stays in your beliefs NOW I denigrated YOUR INVITATION.

18 d. ago
Sorry to burden a bit, although the literature is the appropriate place but in some cases a legal rep is required.

18 d. ago
Plaisir20 denigrate it's simple, do better is something else and remove even more complicated, you also learn to read my post and even better come and see there, then you can talk and you perceive you or you should know that the world of transvestites is not so huge as this, and in frequenting different places either external or clubs or parties, you came across very often the same people .... so you denigrates only for the sake of bashing . Do you displease the house, and what is available in the evenings is perfectly correct. This offer is unrivaled and overall. Post announcements as is done for the whole evening and locations does not mean that there is someone who comes to it, and so as you stated it was a fiasco, he n ' there would have been 40 people in the last 45 Eve and during some evenings and triel there one weekend a month regularly for 8 years with do you always displease the world, is that it n ' neither carnival nor poorly attended. When typing what you want is another debate, but when it's lying, discriminatory, disrespectful, the NO sorry for you!

18 d. ago
I do not think that is Elsa94 misread your advertisement. There is a marked hygiene provision Simply writing beverage and food plentiful at will now reminder philomene as you mentioned in your answer c is the old days so glad you live with this and it will be fine or I'm going load to arrange Then everyone is free to write what he wants your evenings are a fiasco and saw the bodies who go there is no problem to understand Certainly you well do things you allow at least credible transvestite tell and show others that what you see on your profile. Stay in your bubble but not not just talking about evening TRAVESTI OR TRANS for what you organize TELL THAT I'M MORE NIGHTS OF CARNIVAL ABON entendeur

18 d. ago
ELSA94 surely have hurt you read my post just because compared to many other places has triel all there was available and I says well wipes kitchen paper and not vulgar. But in the background is not the issue is simply that the other pub evenings other than those you make the pub bother you this is not new it was already like it a few years ago with your nickname Philomena. Then publish your ad, organizes parties, vi your life but especially learns not criticize or anyone or any place.

18 d. ago
Well the hygienne this is not your thing, it's like condoms, we not put worries of economy! You is not much output outside apart your space and auteuil triel since 2006 to see the evolutions of cleanliness clubs

18 d. ago
elsa94 no more pub for evenings has triel you do is done for others or that others make for their evenings As for raising the level of femininity accepting only young guns we would be rightly criticized to discrimination and contrary to our state of mind as elsewhere there who just want to terms of all there including hygiene wipes, not a single paper towel and large bathroom has reached everyone but dsl against you saying I attended the evenings Prisca many times and I have never seen nor rinse mouths than in other clubs you must be confused with wet wipe lol I do not cite the places where there is nothing or a simple roll Sopalin whose remains littered the ground

18 d. ago
Plaisir20 regarding the nonsense you done especially strong about a place where it seems you've never set foot you

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