> Cruising spot in Châtenay-Malabry proposed by jerome94  (25/06/2013)

  This cruising spot has been rated  2.8 / 4   
Type : Nature Mixte
area :  Île-de-France
Country :  France

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It happends in the Verrieres woods day and night on the road wood (Road Plessis Piquet), just in front of the Quick restaurant. Possibility of parking opposite the side of the road.
Address : Route du Plessis Piquet
92290 Châtenay-Malabry
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Route du Plessis Piquet, 92290 Ch
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12 d. ago
Trav hole juice to mature healthy man of 50 years and more, I'm looking plans without blah I accept bareback until juice if clean can plan car, you pass the queu air grind me in a quiet area (near 92330 Sceaux) you redeposited me and you leave again this is the program sending me a message if you're interested. I AM ONLY PASSIVE

22 d. ago
I exhibited this aprem under the pylons. Ready to dump tails!

14/08/2019 in 23h18
I can be there 25 min ds but no retuurn of travs ...

14/08/2019 in 22h52
who tonight? I dressed in whore and I really want to suck and serve as object. ok plan for the Paris region anywhere

31/07/2019 in 17h18
Who to map shows off motion sucks windows in wooden car or surroundings

29/07/2019 in 10h17
yann300 thee we already said no

29/07/2019 in 09h58
What time

29/07/2019 in 09h57
Hello yes I

27/07/2019 in 07h19
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22/07/2019 in 12h21
it's not the place below Place the Bois de Verrieres. By the road you have to take the A86 in Clamart towards Créteil and exit 30c - feet Verrieres wood straight on the avenue and you have to take the pedestrian bridge (far left). The T6 tram takes to Châtillon-Montrouge station (metro line 13) from Paris. The easiest way is from the Pont de Sevres bus 179 with stop at roundabout Small Clamart.

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