This cruising spot has been rated  3.7 / 4   
Type : Nature Mixte
area :  Occitanie
Country :  France

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Camping libertine where everything is allowed throughout the campsite.
Address : Chateau de Fereyrolles
30430 Saint-Privat-de-Champclos
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Chateau de Fereyrolles, 30430 Saint-Privat-de-Champclos, France
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24 d. ago
J there would be from 3 to 10 August, at the pleasure of meeting

24 d. ago
I went yesterday in this simple and charming place. Although only I soon was invited to a shared appetizer that was attended by over 50 people. The affinities were created, gestures became clearer and the opening of the nightclub that to retuurn home in good company who come to dance and frolic in the lair of lust.

27 d. ago
Good evening FYI: Thursday giant aperitif in the camp, to the cool of the announced heatwave ... and enjoy the pleasant temperature under the softness of the trees (28 ° day 20 ° night) I would have ... Hope to meet you

29 d. ago
Couple 30 and 35 years will be the ransom of 18/08 to 21/08 2019

29 d. ago
Hello back, the pa ... thanking all the people eager to know the location of a aprem or evening with a friendly pot or it is appropriate compliance .. !!! a large bizouxxx to Cpl (Valencia, Nimes, Toulon) So Thursday night appointment for anyone interested .. Cougat Does thousand excuses but must know the places !!!! bizzz trickster

20/07/2019 in 16h55
one can too old for me with bad higenne!

18/07/2019 in 23h11
Want cool before a new provençale..pfffffffffffff heatwave !!! So this week we find for a cool drink with my friends com dab ..

15/07/2019 in 14h51
July 23 to 28 cpl (hbi or not) f hbi with a straight friend for ladies and couples

12/07/2019 in 13h53
Hello all. I have a tent for four people and I would be very happy to invite a woman who wants to discover this site. This invitation and valid for HF couples.

11/07/2019 in 12h02
I'm in the sand pit. I would like to discover the campsite, if anyone is interested to be my guide.

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