This cruising spot has been rated  1.8 / 4   
Type : Aire de repos Gay
area :  Auvergne
Country :  France

( 0 = fake  place   4 = TOP spot )
rest area right has 100metres radar on the road 122
Address : N122
15220 Saint-Mamet-la-Salvetat
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N122, 15220 Saint-Mamet-la-Salvetat, France
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10/09/2019 in 16h43
Jy'm in the corner of the world

04/09/2019 in 05h00
Who around 7am

29/08/2019 in 09h13
DC on vacation here ... Can spend around 16.45 ...

23/08/2019 in 13h43
Dispo 21h pm tonight for appointment

22/08/2019 in 16h19
Dispo 21h this evening to make me empty or private Msg couple for appointment

05/08/2019 in 15h30
I 'am going to make a turn I hoped Whether y' will cock pumping

05/08/2019 in 15h16
I like to suck dick jerk one or more of you there's someone there that is a good place Aurillac'm on vacation I aîévie dicks

31/07/2019 in 22h37
Who's going to tonight?

23/07/2019 in 13h59
someone to map it sucks mercerdi July 24 at 14:30?

22/07/2019 in 09h10
Who this after noon 16h?

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