This cruising spot has been rated  1.3 / 4   
Type : Aire de repos Gay
area :  Auvergne
Country :  France

( 0 = fake  place   4 = TOP spot )
rest area right has 100metres radar on the road 122
Address : N122
15220 Saint-Mamet-la-Salvetat
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N122, 15220 Saint-Mamet-la-Salvetat, France
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13 d. ago
which for sucking and getting sucked tonight contact me fraiche or at night, I lent my ass too.

17 d. ago
Somebody to suck me around 12h30 13h today?

18 d. ago
Who's going to tonight?

19 d. ago
who to suck me tonight or in the night

20 d. ago
Who goes there that night around 23h midnight?

24 d. ago
who goes there tonight and exib ??

25/05/2019 at 03h23
Someone today to 13h?

09/05/2019 at 02h47
A couple or woman Friday afternoon? On another cruising spot? Corrèze or Cantal ... Available until 20 pm Thanks

03/05/2019 at 17h28
The world around 19:30? Woman, couple, passive man? Response private message. Thank you

03/05/2019 at 15h05
I'm so interested a qq

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