> Cruising spot in Metz proposed by sofia  (16/08/2013)

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  This cruising spot has been rated  4.0 / 4   
Type : Parking Mixte
City :  Metz
area :  Lorraine
Country :  France

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Engineering school parking lot overlooking lake Metz, strut your stuff for couples, libertines who like Picnic spades
Address : 1 Cité Universitaire
57000 Metz
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11/10/2019 in 21h54
Gay lope for macho guy well tomorrow between 7:00 p.m. -21: 00 I take care of your beautiful tails

19/07/2019 in 20h15
Someone sucking tonight I will be the lake tonight I let

12/07/2019 in 14h35
Lt. someone mtn? A liability to empty myself in him

12/07/2019 in 14h27
Hello .. New Metz, go to meetings where

04/07/2019 in 19h01
Good evening, I suck very mature man in the early evening, then I move or near the island butterfly

01/09/2018 in 21h08
Good evening quelqun available tonight ?? I'll be at saulcy ...

19/08/2018 in 22h45
Quelqun ce soir ... au saulcy j'y suis....

15/08/2018 in 21h46
Au saulcy ....

15/08/2018 in 17h47
Nous y allons ce soir ...

06/08/2018 in 17h56
Hello kelkun tonight saulcy ??

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