> Cruising spot in Labastidette proposed by fakis  (16/02/2020)

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  This cruising spot has been rated  1.7 / 4   
Type : Nature Gay
Area :  Occitanie
Country :  France

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hello here is a new area clean and discreet meeting the entrance of the communal wood Labastidette it is right off the bowling club right at the end of the road in the turn come many I hope.
Address :
31600 Labastidette
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Chemin de Labarthe, Labastidette, Muret, Haute-Garonne, Occitanie, France métropolitaine, 31600, France
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25/01/2020 in 17h05
I am looking to get 2 guys on Labastidette to plan several motion sucks before hetero porn. All protected report ... I insist. Leave me a message mp. There's already a guy who comes to 20h ..

21/01/2020 in 03h46
Seek Kiffeurs would leave a boxer fragrant, and why not a full hood hidden in the corner? We indicates where you stash. Possible trade ... and also photo and videos MP my guy and me playing with your gift.

08/11/2019 in 17h14
Someone available tomorrow afternoon? I can receive on Labastidette to plan more for plane motion sucks before hetero porn. Leave me a message on my answer pm at the latest tomorrow morning.

21/10/2019 in 10h07
Hi all, I try to get two men, coupled or woman this afternoon of 21/10/19. I get on Labastidette. I can also move. Leave a message in mp. Thank you

12/10/2019 in 10h13
Bonjour, je peux recevoir aujourd'hui en après-midi proche de ce lieu... Laissez moi un message en mp... Envie du moment matter un film porno avec 2 ou 3 hommes...

30/09/2019 in 21h12
Hi, someone available to suck it?

26/08/2019 in 16h13
Hi, I go wandering naked in a wood Labastidette ... I would like to surprise myself and suck one or two tails ... Contact me mp for contact information

11/07/2019 in 21h35
Who now available?

05/04/2019 in 16h36
Hi everybody. I am looking for 2 or 3 guys sucking from 19h on 05/04/19. Leave me a message privately.

19/03/2019 in 10h11
Hi, I get on Labastidette all day March 19 and in the evening. Leave a message in mp.

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