> Cruising spot in Lespéron proposed by calo48  (18/08/2015)

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Type : Parking Gay
City :  Lespéron
area :  Rhône-Alpes
Country :  France

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From Aubenas take the N102 through the village of Lanarce, the parking lot is about 3 km from the inn Peyrebeille on the left in a large bend. Coming from Puy ditto except 3 km before Auberge rouge parking in big bend on the right after Costaros It starts moving, road, people passing and Local! It must be a little patient!
Address : N102
07660 Lespéron
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N102, 07660 Lesp
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17 d. ago
Pets9nne d9mmage I go

17 d. ago
Lt. passing there tonight is 10:10 p.m. to 11 p.m. good pluss 69 and I'll go up to 0:00 depending on the world

18 d. ago
Too bad I have not seen and have come to you houla62 pump and dump you. You need to know qd retuurns.

18 d. ago
Who to pump me and empty my balls around 15:30? Coming by mp

28 d. ago
For woman, couple tonight after 20:30 msg PV appointment

23/04/2019 at 00h53
who want to jerk it on skype msg pv

22/04/2019 at 23h52
Someone spends this evening?

22/04/2019 at 12h30
Ver 14h whether woman or couple. Msg pv

16/04/2019 at 12h27
Which sucks for 14h?

15/04/2019 at 22h05
Which is 10 p.m. tonight I go if there is someone or tomorrow appointment can

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