> Cruising spot in Lespéron proposed by calo48  (18/08/2015)

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Type : Parking Gay
City :  Lespéron
area :  Rhône-Alpes
Country :  France

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From Aubenas take the N102 through the village of Lanarce, the parking lot is about 3 km from the inn Peyrebeille on the left in a large bend. Coming from Puy ditto except 3 km before Auberge rouge parking in big bend on the right after Costaros It starts moving, road, people passing and Local! It must be a little patient!
Address : N102
07660 Lespéron
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N102, 07660 Lesp
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9 d. ago
World tonight after 20h?

25 d. ago
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08/09/2019 in 14h56
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04/09/2019 in 21h00
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03/09/2019 in 21h35
Jy surely pass after 0:00 tonight

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01/09/2019 in 17h43
hello all, passing the world Friday, September 6 am to fuck me?

29/08/2019 in 17h41
World tonight at 22h?

23/08/2019 in 18h19
J surely there'd be this evening about 1am so desire mp

14/08/2019 in 20h54
Passing around 23h. Woman couple m only like to see action'm a voyeur.

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