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Type : Sauna Mixte
City :  Bayonne
area :  Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Country :  France

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Welcome to 5th Element, your club fun and relaxation .. For 4 years .. A friendly, refined and exotic to let you go to all your desires, all your instincts and all your naughty delusions! The V'me element is the club-sauna of the Cote Basque. Discover all environments, taste the pleasures. Here is the good taste prevails, good humor and friendliness. 300 m2 of premium space, a club area, alcoves, private rooms for all libertines quests intense sensations. The balneo side to relax has not been neglected, with a sauna, steam room and a spacious Jacuzzi, analyzes (DASS) on the water quality are displayed in public space

Website : http://cinquieme-element.com/
Address :
64100 Bayonne
Phone : 05 59 55 22 87
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4, Rue Saint-Frédéric, Saint-Frédéric, Bayonne, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France métropolitaine, 64100,
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14/07/2018 in 08h07
it seemed that the day Tuesday is gay ..... someone to tell me more? thank you

11/02/2018 in 15h53
This is not a gay places !!!!

10/02/2018 in 18h59
Pitarre salvation. yes the site is able to upload COMPLETELY wrong places without verification ..... when I offered 2 times a place I frequent, no answer ..... I specify, I subscribe

08/02/2018 in 17h31
I do not understand too much detail. The website and the phone are correct against by the address is completely false. Unless they have moved recently, the sauna is at 16 rue de la tilt in Bayonne. https://www.google.fr/maps/@43.4892718,-1.455691,3a,15y,110.72h,91.87t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sl9qotML9CqmGx6-j0fzCmQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

16/11/2016 in 23h26
No dating and no subscriiptions? This place is still relevant?