> Cruising spot in Longèves proposed by anglois  (14/01/2016)

  This cruising spot has been rated  3.6 / 4   
Type : Aire de repos Gay
City :  Longèves
area :  Pays de la Loire
Country :  France

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Toilets Luzon highway entrance road in the direction of the exit. But we can turn around without having to go on the highway
Address : D949
85200 Longèves
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D949, 85200 Longèves, France
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9 d. ago
This AM to 15h to 15h30 where 5:30 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. Leashes MP if you are interested or message here. Plan several ok

10 d. ago
I'll be there about 18:30

10 d. ago
Hi if you want sex to join me ...... 1:20 p.m.

19 d. ago
Plan now until 23:30

19 d. ago
No damage, jy call again the place is really nice,

19 d. ago
World 16:00

20 d. ago
Fuck now until 22:30 if you are interested in sending a PM or say here

23 d. ago
The world around 17:30 to suck me

24 d. ago
I am currently a good ass plan. If you prefer the impasse Petosse you would join MP mailings

22/08/2019 in 11h29
I am now up to 12:15

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