> Cruising spot in Joué-lès-Tours proposed by armand37  (09/09/2016)

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Type : Nature Mixte
area :  Centre-Val de Loire
Country :  France

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After the roundabout of the bypass towards Savonnieres, take 1st right (signposted the grove), pass the bridge and go right to the old car. Parking along. Skip the parking lot, take the wooden bridge and go into the woods ... There is also a timber building remains with proper roof. So many places to enjoy and have fun. No dirt floor Please
Address : 29 D7
37300 Joué-lès-Tours
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29 D7, 37300 Joué-lès-Tours, France
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29 d. ago
While in the gazebo from 17:30 to 19h max .... if you're interested

23/04/2019 at 11h20
19:30 This evening at 20:30 if anyone is interested

18/04/2019 at 12h29
And tonight from 16:30 to 18h

18/04/2019 at 12h28
Available now until 1:45 p.m.

17/04/2019 at 16h04
who avail this aprème or plane tonight to suck? or elsewhere on Tours?

13/04/2019 at 15h52
that available tonight for nice plan on 37 or if you receive neighboring dept

08/04/2019 at 22h21
I'm there

08/04/2019 at 21h17
With big fancy exhib I go now often bare with me in the car available to queue to exhib brle sucks. Let me msg to secure appointment ... really motivated

08/04/2019 at 15h41
Someone from 17.30 to 18.30 passage

04/04/2019 at 13h26
In plan this afternoon to 15h

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