> Cruising spot in Oursbelille proposed by bi_du_65_tarbes  (12/03/2020)

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  This cruising spot has been rated  2.4 / 4   
Type : Nature Mixte
City :  Oursbelille
Area :  Occitanie
Country :  France

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Bordères On Echez management Pintac, about one kilometer, parking and a small wood. A quiet place with many small paths through the woods. Good meetings.
Address :
65490 Oursbelille
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Avenue du Bois du Commandeur, La Montjoie, Oursbelille, Tarbes, Hautes-Pyrénées, Occitanie, France métropolitaine, 65490
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24/01/2020 in 15h50
Vers17 30 pm

24/01/2020 in 15h48
J would be there that night to suck or get sucked me and put choice

09/11/2019 in 12h29
Someone in the 65 to suck me and take my ass and if possible I take the

25/10/2019 in 13h06
that this am

17/10/2019 in 11h48
qui cet am

24/09/2019 in 22h03
Couples or single women go there or not, contact me

24/09/2019 in 19h46
I can be there this Tuesday night 24/09 to 22H to suck and fuck me. Waiting reply on my profile.

29/08/2019 in 10h43
who am this around Tarbes at 14:30 to leave as quick appointment and photos

26/08/2019 in 16h34
that around borderes who receives in privacy?

22/08/2019 in 08h37
I would have the bar has borderes Saturday night. If guys are hot for discrete plane ds around contact me email on my profile

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