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Type : Nature Mixte
area :  Bourgogne-Franche-.
Country :  France

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To reach this place must be taken before golf then arrived on the jet ski area, turn right into the adjoining fields. Full of world bronze naked and there are often warm people ....
Address :
71100 Chalon-sur-Saône
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Puit de pompage d'eau douce, Rue des Frères Lumière, Zone Portuaire Nord, Chalon-sur-Saône, Saône-et-Loire, Bourgogne-Fr
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22 d. ago
Who Sunday after noon if the sun? Map sunbathing naked behind my car and more discretion

19/04/2019 at 11h38
With the retuurn of the sun, why not a plan sunbathing and more .. Avail the aprems ....

14/04/2019 at 10h30
M 'will go and check it out around 11:15 am that interested in a good lollipop see +

22/03/2019 at 08h08
Never seen couples or single women tanned naked. Ke hot men

10/11/2018 at 11h09
Hello, I went there yesterday Aprem, the father was closed by branches no longer access unless coast Golf along Saone.

09/11/2018 at 14h01
Yes I want to join you,

09/11/2018 at 13h55
This is a time to jerk the sun .... I'll go ahead?

26/10/2018 at 23h41
A trav..ces days ..

12/10/2018 at 12h09
Who this after noon? side kindling?

05/10/2018 at 13h30
Beautiful sun a pile ride is needed. That someone tries

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