> Cruising spot in Ranville proposed by nimby  (01/06/2018)

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  This cruising spot has been rated  1.0 / 4   
Type : Nature Gay
City :  Ranville
area :  Normandie
Country :  France

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Just after Pegasus bridge, continue north ... Possibility to go up along the canal. green nature. ... and more ...
Address : 1 Rue Major John Howard
14860 Ranville
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1 Rue Major John Howard, 14860 Ranville, France
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11/10/2019 in 22h21
Tomorrow morning, a small pipe, anyone? Leave me a message and we'll see ... Kisses

28/09/2019 in 15h04
Towards 17h .... my mouth open ... the rest as

16/09/2019 in 23h28
Tomorrow at 10am .... ask and you will be fulfilled !!!!!

08/09/2019 in 01h33
I would suck good cock a nice morning .... leave me a msg that I do not break my teeth I bite you the glans

27/08/2019 in 10h32
No one this morning? I suck and swallow.

24/08/2019 in 00h14
Around 10 am tomorrow morning

23/08/2019 in 22h06
Tomorrow I would go down to bike .... for .... what you want Kisses

09/08/2019 in 23h23
Tomorrow morning .... a scoundrel to get sucked ... and me hmmmmm. Leave me a message on your dicks Kisses

08/08/2019 in 21h16
Given the weather, rather Saturday

06/08/2019 in 23h15
Friday morning .... I always hesitate when I need someone energetic but gentle to put me Kisses

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