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Type : Nature Mixte
area :  Pays de la Loire
Country :  France

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Small parking along the road to meeting nice quiet evening but more from 20h
Address :
85140 Saint-Martin-des-Noyers
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D 52, Saint-Martin-des-Noyers, La Roche-sur-Yon, Vendée, Pays de la Loire, France métropolitaine, 85140, France
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29/04/2019 at 10h32
The world this morning in the area?

13/04/2019 at 00h42
Cathy85, I do not say thank you for giving me this appointment places parcequ'apres prepare myself for an hour, shaved, spicy and have warned you that I would have a few minutes late, Ms. told me finally, she felt tired. It smells mytho. I block you because you make me spend a dirty night. Gentlemen ... Beware.

26/03/2019 at 14h34
Hello I just take a little trip this place. I confirm it's not bad at night. It was long for me. Hugs

04/03/2019 at 13h02
Maybe tonight for a walk if the weather permits

18/01/2019 at 20h30
Free tonight

17/01/2019 at 18h11
Good evening Symplybi85 I had already spotted this little parking there are several years away. It's good for night meetings stationed discreetly.

16/01/2019 at 20h18
I go tonight if someone to join me. Message Mw.

16/01/2019 at 12h01
I do not live far away, I did not know it was a cruising spot. I'll go see it because it's a nice place

16/01/2019 at 00h00
Is there sometimes the world?