> Cruising spot in Charchilla proposed by gaypourmecs  (16/06/2019)

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Type : Nature Mixte
City :  Charchilla
area :  Bourgogne-Franche-.
Country :  France

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Since the D470, turn towards Mercantine take the D301 500m. Follow the sign * Belvedere Roche Crow * and take the small dirt road. There is a small car park after 600m, the rest of the descent to the lake edge will be on foot. Once on the lake must be a small place between stones or grove.

Website : http://www.facebook.com/groups/auvergnerhonealpeslgbt/
Address :
39260 Charchilla
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D 301, Charchilla, Saint-Claude, Jura, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France métropolitaine, 39260, France
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20 d. ago
A trav or guy between noon and two?

29/05/2019 at 18h31
Hello. I'll be there this weekend. Anyone interested? Contact me mp

22/04/2019 at 20h39
How's the water? (Fraiche, I presume.) And the level of Lake ...

31/03/2019 at 15h41
Thank you for reponce. I am 400 Km Was I curious to know, I'll maybe a walk in 1 month.

31/03/2019 at 14h01
J am there, it is but 14h ....

31/03/2019 at 13h11
The world at the moment with the sun? What level is the level of the lake?

20/08/2018 at 12h21
Des amateurs aujourd'hui ?

18/08/2018 at 19h44
Bsr, des femmes à voir demain ?

15/08/2018 at 20h14
Thank you to the couple (I've seen) to have put on my right. A beautiful woman. I enjoyed the look and she looks at me.

15/08/2018 at 10h04
I want to get caught ...

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