> Cruising spot in Pornic proposed by pocojo  (02/07/2019)

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City :  Pornic
area :  Pays de la Loire
Country :  France

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Rest area on the road in Pornic about 5 km before Pornic. Toilets and small wood.
Address :
44210 Pornic
Phone : 0688363616
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D 751, La Cossonière, Pornic, Saint-Nazaire, Loire-Atlantique, Pays de la Loire, France métropolitaine, 44210, France
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12 d. ago
jy will be tonight around 21:00 to active only guy I like also uro

13 d. ago
I'll be there this afternoon

13 d. ago
I'll spend around 9:30 10h leave me a private message to meet up

19 d. ago
I would Pornic has lhotel Saturday 5 midnight hour, if an asset wants to come in the night to have fun it'll be delighted. Details give in MP

09/09/2019 in 06h34
jy'd tonight

07/09/2019 in 09h42
The world today or tonight ??

27/08/2019 in 19h40
tonight in lingerie mini skirt slut boots low heels and suspenders would jy to 22:00 for active guys

26/08/2019 in 07h19
not many people yesterday whether active want a submissive slut tonight let me know I can be there around 21:30

25/08/2019 in 19h23
tonight around 22:00 jy be so active and want to get sucked more appreciated uro

30/07/2019 in 11h56
bjr passage to Pornic St Michel chief chief 03/08/19 to 08/06/19, I want to know it or drag in the area (beaches etc.), I am camping, but I have not received. Kisses; Emma.

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