> Cruising spot in Chanteloup-en-Brie proposed by kiwii77  (13/08/2014)

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area :  Île-de-France
Country :  France

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Very clean and very quiet toilet practices for a good plan without being disturbed ... They are on the right side of the cafeteria "Pomme de pain". There is a first creaking door and notify if someone comes. Bus line 42 (Lagny-Val d'Europe), stop: the Clos oak. When you arrive from the Val d'Europe is on the left up to the bus stop. Moderator: like any public place, the meetings do not consume on site. Places reopened in recent months, more people travel and more police ... many come;)
Address : Avenue de la Ferme Briarde
77144 Chanteloup-en-Brie
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Avenue de la Ferme Briarde, Le Clos du Ch
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24 d. ago
Of the world ?

24 d. ago
I want to suck. Someone is going on today?

26 d. ago
I arrive on site. The passage?

29 d. ago
Lives in sides warn me Tuesday 30 min before and I just dump you

29 d. ago
I go

20/07/2019 in 13h31
Jy am for those who want to empty

19/07/2019 in 16h47
Too bad, too late for me ....

19/07/2019 in 16h22
Who for a plan to 17h?

18/07/2019 in 14h05
2trousbienchaud should you get into the toilet.

17/07/2019 in 18h56
One ever made?

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