> Cruising spot in Puteaux proposed by jerome94  (07/06/2018)

  This cruising spot has been rated  3.2 / 4   
City :  Puteaux
area :  Île-de-France
Country :  France

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New super clean toilets, new. Ten urinals where one can observe his neighbor easily, possibly cabins. It is on the ground floor Defense 4 times, facing the Stand * * PAUL between Yves Rocher and Pimkie stores. We must get to the bottom and turn left.
Address : 2 Cours Valmy
92092 Puteaux
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29/04/2019 at 15h07
I have never found the place

09/04/2019 at 12h52
Who to suck me around 16:30 ???

07/04/2019 at 12h46
At 16 am I and an active black pal bin dosing a 2 ch em dosing plan emergency exit car parking ... Map juice !!!

31/03/2019 at 18h18
Well the camera does not filn and sentinel never spends or ca ... It bz not mest their fuunctions ... Ik are a lot of people ... It's amazing to read some false propo ...

30/03/2019 at 02h43
I was in the emergency exits this afternoon, I suck and swallow a delightful guy

29/03/2019 at 18h28
Tonight would be ... At 20h jy parking in my emergency exits

29/03/2019 at 18h27
Tonight 20h jy would ...

29/03/2019 at 08h08
Hello I am looking to suck old Arab sir, paki or Indian, then I meet in this place? Thank you in advance for your response or information;) good fuck all and be careful;)

15/02/2019 at 09h02
hi I'll be on defense next Thursday evening or hotel toilet

14/02/2019 at 08h23
Last Monday evening to 18.30 always nice ... several guys in motion .. me good mutual motion with nice black guy ... this place is amazing ... as long as it lasts!

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