> Cruising spot in Puteaux proposed by jerome94  (25/06/2013)

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Type : Parking Gay
City :  Puteaux
area :  Île-de-France
Country :  France

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Dredge at the parking -1 shopping center 4 Auchan next time. Gay exib, multi-plane. Rather during office hours between 12h and 17h to 14:30 and 20:30. I am often I work in the gallery bedroom plan with super guy exib Renois welcome. Moderator: As in any public place, observe the place and do not eat on site (and exit covered!).
Address : 15 Parvis de la Défense
92800 Puteaux
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08/05/2019 at 12h06
To answer you neogeo the toilet really hot is the one that is really at the end of Ccial center just before the Auchan and output high arc to consume must go ds the stairs from the parking lot by pushing the emergency exit door one floor down . it's ugly, it's dirty ... but no other option.il are people to dej break, other times I do not know ..

07/05/2019 at 17h07
Hi all, As much testimony that question all places of Defense to allow meetings: I'm in 3 different toilet, every time there are guys waiting. So experience is not a concern ... By cons, once you understand the other is ok and that roughly one has both the pole, it is how? There are people who spend their time in and out (department store requires), and suddenly difficult to chain on something else ... The funny thing is that the guys that I met was the same problem: we gazed questioningly lol how do you Loulous?

07/05/2019 at 03h51
Hi liability for several tail I'd be tonight Tuesday, May 7 at around 19h. Contact me at 07 69 81 74 81 (SMS only be discreet at first sms) very serious for mandatory condom soda the plan I will take some one. Starting to get caught in the chain if you are several no limit I want to serve emptied balls

04/05/2019 at 03h58
@esquisse. When you go back there?

04/05/2019 at 00h52
Thursday. Around 12:45 - 13h. Emergency exits car to Auchan

03/05/2019 at 17h55
@esquisse. At what time your plane? How exactly there?

03/05/2019 at 14h24
Yesterday magnificent plan multi-sucking ex strut guys. Awesome

21/03/2019 at 09h33
I work close contact me to give appointment!

10/03/2019 at 12h15
It still works here? Not too many police?

27/02/2019 at 13h43
Leaving for noon tomorrow 28/02.

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