> Cruising spot in Puteaux proposed by jerome94  (20/06/2013)

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City :  Puteaux
area :  Île-de-France
Country :  France

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Toilet down the hall, near the Decathlon after post. [Updated in July 2013]: the toilets which were at level below ( "garden level") are in the works, though this was that there was a max of guys. So, there remains only the toilets actually refurbished Decathlon down the hall, but they are monitored by the cleaners. Let us be creative ...
Address : Place Carpeaux
92800 Puteaux
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20/06/2019 in 02h19
I will pass around 12:30, wash my hands, watch the guys in the mirror just to see attendance ... if possible I will come out with my tail urinal ... I would poppers' super cho to pump up the stairs the garage next door ...

17/06/2019 in 22h07
tomorrow aprem

28/08/2018 in 16h37
Hi, quelq'un has planned to spend this evening. Msg deprives

04/12/2017 in 15h11
Bite of young hetero available to empty

27/02/2017 in 12h52
Hi, Someone in the neighborhood?

27/12/2015 in 13h12
I ch cocksucking a maximum 35 years to pump me tomorrow, Monday 28/12 in a parking lot on defense between 12 and 14 h. Plan more feasible

27/05/2014 in 11h42
Someone 12:30?

25/05/2014 in 01h55
C decatlon open on Sunday?

15/09/2013 in 12h48
@artefaq: congratulations, you're a PRO, our savior!

19/08/2013 in 16h25
Hi, someone around?

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