> Cruising spot in Tours proposed by webmaster  (02/05/2016)

  This cruising spot has been rated  3.7 / 4   
Type : Parc Mixte
City :  Tours
area :  Centre-Val de Loire
Country :  France

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I think that's great Balzac island park positioned in Tours could be a great meeting place (not to eat in) but easy access by bike or public transport. For meetings of all kinds ... because many individuals seeking * * enjoying their run or walk. Give me your opinion in MP. Thank you.
Address : 451 Pont de Sanitas
37200 Tours
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09/03/2019 in 14h10
The world's low today?

24/02/2019 in 15h47
I will spend in the afternoon today

14/01/2019 in 21h02
small update: we already have some registered and a place of proposed continue to tell me if you want to be MP

13/01/2019 in 21h23
Hello We will be present at Towers on the evening of Saturday, February 16 We want a nice gangbang post valentine for my female: -no -all the hood open holes favorite internal -ejac -no -no violence scat / uro

27/10/2018 in 00h49
Passing on this weeekend Tours, in the hotel district of the 2 Lions, I receive for well pumping booze serving good and beautiful tails very straightforward plan cool discreet. Trips poppers, several pipes to the channels, outdoor, unusual places ... Ok! Free until Sunday late morning.

18/08/2018 in 13h55
Rather WEST towards the end of the island ... and by appointment rather ...

14/05/2018 in 08h44
I am tonight on towers to map protected ... contact me if interested

29/05/2017 in 10h57
Ds which corner?

30/01/2017 in 10h37
hello in search for a plan sucks on Tours

01/11/2016 in 14h37
Am not against you me djen

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