This cruising spot has been rated  3.8 / 4   
Type : Nature Gay
area :  Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Country :  France

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Good place yet discreet and little used but it depends on the time and I am never disappointed, office output, road, youth and small corner ... Working in the dark, really nice as a meeting place, and enjoying is , we find .....
Address : 13 Rue de Lescloupe
40320 Miramont-Sensacq
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20 d. ago
A slut in the corner?

29 d. ago
ch trav or woman this afternoon. quelq available for a dump me?

21/08/2019 in 23h25
cokincool come from Dax to fish while I'm gone and you were not there, stop your ghost stp comments, we spoke in front pv ...

21/08/2019 in 15h05
Low didon is dead labas, nobody, calm, nada, just 3 sinners.

20/08/2019 in 22h16
Tomorrow for fishing and quiet ride. Why cokin map

20/08/2019 in 09h24
With this much wet my pussy is wet .... very welcoming and I get active males bm I couple my boyfriend lent me. It may also occupied another small anal pussy like me its tail is very enduring ...

19/08/2019 in 23h18
I think dwell one evening this week. One corner in particular ??

19/08/2019 in 16h29
The lake has extended the air. Must park where to kiss good guy pussy well lubricated. I intend to go there one evening to empty my balls.

18/08/2019 in 20h13
earlier this week with my lover baiseursdusud guided, loaned, the lake at night to empty BM balls

18/08/2019 in 17h39
Good fécondeur to mouth, vaginal or anal pussy

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