> Cruising spot in Tours proposed by webmaster  (23/07/2018)

  This cruising spot has been rated  3.3 / 4   
Type : Sauna Gay
City :  Tours
area :  Centre-Val de Loire
Country :  France

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Very nice, after we find what we seek.
Address : 22 Rue Origet
37000 Tours
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08/06/2019 in 03h02
I'd pass on Friday night in Tours. A gay sauna you are there in this town?

14/01/2019 in 21h04
small update: we already have some registered and a place of proposed continue to tell me if you want to be MP

13/01/2019 in 21h25
Hello We will be present at Towers on the evening of Saturday, February 16 We want a nice gangbang post valentine for my female, we lack just the place: -no -all the open top favorite internal -ejac holes -no violence -not scat / uro

02/10/2018 in 10h40
Hi everybody. Now that the Spa is closed ... what do you recommend? Angers? Orleans? Le Mans ? or others ? Thanks for your advices. Hugs

26/07/2018 in 13h42

24/07/2018 in 21h07
Ok thank you jerone34xl, it was confirmed by another guy this site indeed! The Towers of poor guys have no sauna now, I would not be in their places! Closest to them now are the Delta in Le Mans, The Steamer in Angers, or may be at Orleans if there is one I do not know!

24/07/2018 in 14h14
On the door it says "Closed permanently good holiday." I'm really disappointed, I did not go often but I've spent good times :-(

23/07/2018 in 20h51
Oh what is this histoir jerome34xl? Are you sure they are not quite on vacation or work? Thank you for your answers to those who know! Kisses

20/07/2018 in 15h43
Naaaaaaan I do not believe it is permanently closed?

21/05/2018 in 16h46
Hello, Not in principle. I go regularly and have never seen it once !!

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