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Gay cruising areas are meeting places where we can in general "conclude" on site.

This is gay places mostly, but not exclusively. There are at least 10,000 cruising areas referenced in France, and they can be found in the vast majority of the world, even the most refractory. Most places are located outdoors, sometimes in parks, woods, parking lots, beaches, etc...

The website Cruising sex lists over 12,000 dating places in France and abroad : outdoor cruising areas, saunas, sex shops, discotheques, etc...

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Good cruising !

Cruising spots : Latest messages posted

Cruising spot : Industrial area of ​​Chartres-Gellainville ( 28630 Gellainville )

Message posted by josie 11/10/2019 in 22h31
Get that night near Cloyes, my vulva awaits your keu, I'm burning ....

Cruising spot : Route Parking Rosnay ( 39570 Pannessières )

Message posted by salope71 11/10/2019 in 22h27
if Monday presser foot two guys for me

Cruising spot : Museum of Benouville ( 14860 Ranville )

Message posted by nimby 11/10/2019 in 22h21
Tomorrow morning, a small pipe, anyone? Leave me a message and we'll see ... Kisses

Cruising spot : Wood Franois Belle Etoile ( 25770 Franois )

Message posted by emkcuf 11/10/2019 in 22h11
Somebody tonight at night want to get sucked more if wants

Cruising spot : University of Metz; Ile du Saulcy ( 57000 Metz )

Message posted by gaylopeyutz 11/10/2019 in 22h06
Lope macho tomorrow between 19-21: 00 lowest possible nylon

Cruising spot : Vergèze towards Montpellier rest area ( 30310 Vergèze )

Message posted by chtriohhf 11/10/2019 in 22h01
Nobody tonight?

Cruising spot : Metz - the Bridge of the dead at night ( 57000 Metz )

Message posted by gaylopeyutz 11/10/2019 in 22h00
Gay lope empty beautiful tail macho tomorrow between 19-21: 00 Netherlands can nylon

Cruising spot : Concept of Gray Heron ( 28140 Dambron )

Message posted by bear04 11/10/2019 in 21h55
Nobody ? To get sucked ??
who wants me to put down my throat? :)

Cruising spot : plan \ water Metz ( 57000 Metz )

Message posted by gaylopeyutz 11/10/2019 in 21h54
Gay lope for macho guy well tomorrow between 7:00 p.m. -21: 00 I take care of your beautiful tails

Cruising spot : Parking in the woods next to the D401 ( 77230 Montgé-en-goële )

Message posted by eliane 11/10/2019 in 21h40
I am on site until 22h 30 person if I parry

Cruising spot : THE PRIVATE CLUB matron ( 31830 Plaisance-du-touch )

Message posted by heracles 11/10/2019 in 21h31

Cruising spot : Nikki Club, new breath to the libertines ( 33800 Bordeaux )

Message posted by theevath 11/10/2019 in 21h30
The new owners have destroyed the atmosphere. That's licentiousness?

Cruising spot : Forest Rougeau, Saintry sur Seine, Nandy ( 77176 Nandy )

Message posted by moi91230 11/10/2019 in 21h26
Who's available

Cruising spot : Sex shop Bois d'Amour, shop space and libertine ( 17100 Saintes )

Message posted by georgessoumis 11/10/2019 in 21h24
Hello, I would be this Saturday, October 12 from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., although open, welcoming ass, sucking, anal sex, plurality, tbm, equipped with a cock and balls cockring, feel free to expand myself deep !! if interested let private msg Kisses

Cruising spot : Meyrargues area highway in the Alps ( 13650 Meyrargues )

Message posted by MignonOuvert 11/10/2019 in 21h13
Good evening. The world tonight? Feel free to send me a private message.
couple or trav here tomorrow

Cruising spot : Area Pont Mirabeau or Jouques ( 13490 Jouques )

Message posted by MignonOuvert 11/10/2019 in 21h12
Good evening. The world tonight? In both directions .... please send me a private message.

Cruising spot : Exhibition and supermarket toilet voyeur ( 67400 Illkirch-graffenstaden )

Message posted by mallow 11/10/2019 in 21h02
This place is it still relevant? Whether someone wants it to suck it this weekend?

Cruising spot : Scy / Longeville - bikeway car ( 57160 Scy-chazelles )

Message posted by julien575455 11/10/2019 in 20h57
Seeking 40 to 70 years to make my mouth or ass I move between Thionville Metz available all evening contact me or msg msg such 0646497157