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Gay cruising areas are meeting places where we can in general "conclude" on site.

This is gay places mostly, but not exclusively. There are at least 10,000 cruising areas referenced in France, and they can be found in the vast majority of the world, even the most refractory. Most places are located outdoors, sometimes in parks, woods, parking lots, beaches, etc...

The website Croozr - Cruising sex lists over 12,000 dating places in France and abroad : outdoor cruising areas, saunas, sex shops, discotheques, etc...

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Cruising spots : Latest messages posted

Cruising spot : Fac Jussieu - Toilets tower No. 65 ( 75005 Paris )

Message posted by frisson38 26/02/2020 in 12h10
Nawi Hello, I especially think if GH were closed because it is mostly because they are inappropriate in a school or public place in general. Whether used by students, teachers, people of all ages that has nothing to do. You think seriously that secu campus will say "it's going it's students, they have the right, let them do their plans brnale / sucks / soda anonymous quietly in GH college" but would face the sight a guy of 45 / 50years? Realistically ... it's just not normal / legal to do that! At any age. If the place was left clean every time ... there would be less worry.

Cruising spot : King Ambilly Sauna, Sauna, gay and mixed. ( 74100 Ambilly )

Message posted by james7483 26/02/2020 in 12h10
that to accompany me this afternoon?

Cruising spot : Forest of Arbois near the TGV ( 13545 Aix-en-provence )

Message posted by flasherdan 26/02/2020 in 12h09
Moi perso, I would avoid not Harmakis. A sink like his, it is not at the detour of all urinals! Congratulations, boy!

Cruising spot : Rest area L'Isle Jourdain ( 32600 L'isle-jourdain )

Message posted by lovetrans31 26/02/2020 in 12h08
Someone in the area?

Cruising spot : road parking Fondeyre ( 31200 Toulouse )

Message posted by dom78 26/02/2020 in 11h58
Hello tonight I am on the parking lot for the night if that tells you a cab or otherwise let me know thank you

Cruising spot : Wood Castle Sériège ( 34310 Cruzy )

Message posted by brunaude 26/02/2020 in 11h55
An active man available for an appointment to be there?

Cruising spot : Under the viaduct of the A89 motorway, road Villac ( 24120 Villac )

Message posted by audreytrav19 26/02/2020 in 11h52
Cc t it the aura someone tomorrow morning
Woman or couple jy jy am still 1 pm

Cruising spot : Area Vergèze A9 ( 30310 Vergèze )

Message posted by thiel34 26/02/2020 in 11h43
Hi Passing this after noon want to eat and take a little ass in sexy lingerie

Cruising spot : Parking before PONTARLIER - barns above - RN57 ( 25520 Ouhans )

Message posted by jojo25 26/02/2020 in 11h42
Search a queue to kiss my deep throat mouth and my ass for this afternoon leave me a message if interested

Cruising spot : Lake of Gautrie ( 72230 Arnage )

Message posted by mathomas 26/02/2020 in 11h42
who wants me to pee on it?

Cruising spot : Nirvana sex shop in Chelles ( 77500 Chelles )

Message posted by nirvana77500 26/02/2020 in 11h40
LOULOUS Hello, I'm the new head Jean Yves Nirvana since January 2020. Contrary to what my posts on this site are not decoys. I do not know the past of the place but today I rated REEL because I know from experience that the best reputation of honest and respectful with clients otherwise be destructive pub is quick. Yours the LOULOUS, enjoy without moderation ... take out cover. JEAN YVES

Cruising spot : Rest Area Pirmil ( 72430 Pirmil )

Message posted by pular72000 26/02/2020 in 11h38
I'll be there on March 4 to 18H in the woods after the second toilet is very discreet. Access to the timber is just after the toilet, just before joining the motorway (direction Angers Paris)

Cruising spot : sexshop video cabin, and other accessory ( 44600 Saint-nazaire )

Message posted by babas4444 26/02/2020 in 11h30
Possibility of exhibits in the booths and take undisturbed

Cruising spot : Parking road center of Barbezieux ( 16300 Barbezieux-saint-hilaire )

Message posted by yanis29 26/02/2020 in 11h26
QQ1 night? Especially a trav her will be interesting

Cruising spot : Attitude gay Sauna and steam mixed Jacuzzi maze ( 29200 Brest )

Message posted by defram64 26/02/2020 in 11h25
Following my post below, I await your messages and I will answer

Cruising spot : Attitude gay Sauna and steam mixed Jacuzzi maze ( 29200 Brest )

Message posted by defram64 26/02/2020 in 11h24
Hello passing over the region who wants to enjoy this afternoon Wednesday, February 26, seeking men with impeccable cleanliness and above all with gentleness and tenderness

Cruising spot : Odyssex - street gaiety - 75014 ( 75014 Paris )

Message posted by tocal92 26/02/2020 in 11h22
I will make a way in the afternoon

Cruising spot : Nirvana sex shop in Chelles ( 77500 Chelles )

Message posted by nirvana77500 26/02/2020 in 11h21
Hello Kokins, "DIMUP94" round, smooth, string, fishnet stockings just arrived in salons to relieve you and make you happy.

Cruising spot : Park Chaplaincy (Montfort le Gesnois) ( 72450 Montfort-le-gesnois )

Message posted by moiettoifun 26/02/2020 in 11h21
Possible to spend (syttella car pool) for making contact from Thursday. Just for who can receive I do not do outside then plan or a really very quiet corner