> Cruising spot in Bourg-lès-Valence proposed by marcf26  (06/05/2019)

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Type : Plage Mixte
Country :  France

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Parking along the Rhone (went against). See the map because it's easier to explain! !. Get off either the right or left side of the pouring channel. The left side is more discreet. Finally it is the one I prefer! !
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   » didpas29 : I saw 3 times in March and 1 time in April. Besides this last time it was in "hot" had not heard them coming! Everyone has been shocked and were photographed. I've even seen taking pictures of license plates of cars parked up along the Rhone! it starts to seriously fear into the corner. It must be said that if there was not some unconscious running around naked in full view of everyone, and especially for walkers who pass in front of the other side, perhaps not we would be there!
   » marcf26 : Really? I never saw.
   » didpas29 : Be careful, there are regular police raid at that point, they land with a small launch and take pictures of the guys who are naked along the Rhone!

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